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InFACT invite you to join us. We aim to support the teaching and coaching profession by providing access to the knowledge and research that coaches and teachers need to achieve and maintain genuine excellence.


InFACT offers a pathway to professional development for those working in education and coaching, to support their career and help to develop teaching practice.


InFACT works with coaches and teachers to effect change across the education landscape. Becoming a member gives you an unprecedented opportunity to join us in shaping the future of the coaching and teaching profession.

Our members benefit from:

Access to articles, session plans, journals, eBooks, webinars, research, and materials covering a broad range of issues in education, and subject-specific topics.

Discounted fees for e-Learning, attendance of courses, conferences, and invitations to free events.

An opportunity to become involved in our emerging regional communities, locally-led groups sharing evidence-informed practice.

Membership criteria

To become a member you will need:

To hold a teaching or coaching qualification or equivalent;

Affiliate status is relevant for individuals who are coaches, teachers, or who work closely alongside coaches, teachers, and leaders, across all phases, specialisms, and settings – all focused on improving outcomes for players, pupils, and young people. To become a member you must:

Have a coaching/teaching qualification from a recognised federation, organisation or body.

Acceptance by InFACT is undertaken at our own discretion and diligence.

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Affiliate Coach/Teacher (£20/annum)Associate Affiliate Of International Football Association of Coaches and Teachers (£25/annum)Professional Associate Of International Football Association of Coaches and Teachers UK (£45/annum)

Affiliate Member (£90/annum)Certified Member (£150/annum)Certified Centre of Excellence(£280/annum)

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