Benefits for Individuals and Organisations

Courses and Training

The InFACT Professional Development Programme provides a range of high-quality training opportunities for staff of member schools and coaches of clubs/academies. Each year we run a programme promoting excellence in independent education and helping teachers and coaches to keep up to date with the latest best practice and innovation.

The InFACT training programme covers a broad range of themes, including preparing for inspections, school/club/academy development planning, and assessment and tracking.

Our members really value the community that InFACT provides and our courses and conferences are an excellent way of getting to know others whilst learning and sharing good practice. For more information and booking please check our courses page.

For queries on courses and conferences , please contact us

Access to a GLOBAL workshop programme, attend skills-building workshops to prepare you for training and/or assessment. Choose from a diverse programme of workshops, conferences, and regional events planned throughout the year, providing opportunities to update, refresh, and broaden skills and knowledge, encouraging good practice and supporting members in developing a professional approach.

Additional benefits available to individual full members

Access to certified and endorsed workshops and discounts on courses – a wide selection of certified continued personal development (CPD) opportunities to enhance your CV, refresh your skills  and to keep you updated with value for your own personal development . Choose from a diverse programme of workshops, e-learning courses, conferences, and regional events planned throughout the year, providing opportunities to update, refresh and broaden skills and knowledge, encouraging good practice and supporting members in developing a professional approach. Our membership supports members and provides development opportunities for all its members.


InFACT Endorsement and Certification for your Organisation

Your InFACT endorsement/certification has been hard-earned and we encourage you to display it with pride on your website or literature.

Certificates will be sent from the UK.

Use of the InFACT logo to promote yourself and your business.

Accredited organisations are welcome to add the InFACT logo to their prospectus, website, stationery, and other materials. Please contact us for horizontal or vertical high-resolution JPG versions of our logo.

Support and Advice
We provide a wide range of support and advice for our members.
InFACT support is available by telephone or online from our team of experts; we aim to be prompt, friendly and helpful. Talk to our qualified and well-trained staff for impartial and informed advice on areas as varied as staffing, compliance, curriculum and leadership. Support and advice is readily available from InFACT ; the over-riding message is that we are here to help and no concern is too small. As of April 2018 we have private members access to FB and twitter.

Support at National and International Level
Endorsement / Certification  by InFACT gives you or your organisation credibility, trust, and recognition Internationally.

Regional Support
InFACT’s regional structure means that we are accessible and nearby to support you. This can be followed up with a visit from an InFACT Vice Director or other InFACT Senior Head in your area to provide advice to help your organisation /club/ college/university /school address any specific issues.

Online resources and guidance- a constantly growing hub of resources: articles, interviews, teaching aids, latest job opportunities to help you through your qualifications and beyond. Every month Free Training Session (FTS) for all levels via FB or twitter.

Podcasts- Coach Education Podcasts and Interviews.

Quarterly e-newsletter- keeping you up to date on upcoming workshops, football industry updates and current affairs.

Exclusive members only group – an InFACT member-led group used by members to network, find activity partners, promote workshops, and generally support each other during and after gaining qualifications or accreditation.

Continuous Support – Visits by our most senior staff for advice, presentations and coach education.Including Pro License Coaches, Directors of coaching  Periodization Coach, Nutritionist, Goalkeeping coaches.

Access to Director of Studies and Pro License Coaches for advice on session planning. Advice on session design, analysing your players, use of evaluating and advising young players, access for informal chats when needed for problem-solving issues , advice, newsletters, CPD days for staff coaches and teacher.
Periodization Coach, Nutritionist , Goalkeeping coaches.

  • Discounted Courses
  • Podcasts
  • Seminars
  • Access to library of session plans
  • Opportunity to host masterclasses
  • Networking